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Spotify Kitchen Sink

Spotify Kitchen Sink is a demo application for the Spotify Apps API. It demonstrates some of the available functionality and is designed to help developers who are getting started. Less time reinventing the wheel, more time reinventing the record player.


  • Implement Tabs
  • Handle URI Arguments
  • Process dropped items (track, user, etc)
  • Play single items (track, artist, etc)
  • Play in context (album, playlist, etc)
  • Control Playback (pause, skip, etc)
  • Listen for track changes
  • Get tracks from the user’s library
  • Share a track using the built-in popup
  • Search Spotify and Local tracks
  • Create and save temporary playlists
  • Output list and album views
  • Use advanced search queries
  • Fetch metadata in a variety of different methods
  • Top Tracks for users
  • Drag n' Drop
  • Album art and overlayed player controls (when playing in a context)


The Spotify Apps API is fairly new (as of December 2011), so there’s still a lot of guesswork going on. I was able to a figure few things out, thanks to the Sample Code and a healthy dose of trial-and-error. Exploring the source code of working applications seemed to be the best way to learn, so when a friend needed help, I whipped together this Kitchen Sink. I’m now putting it up on GitHub in case it helps anyone else.

If you have any questions, or would like to contribute, please get in touch.


Here’s a few resources that helped me out along the way:


Read / written something helpful? Let me know and I’ll include it!


Building something cool with the API? Let me know and I’ll add it!


This is an unofficial application, not sponsored or endorsed by Spotify. If you wish to develop for Spotify Apps, you must sign up for their Developer Program, and abide by their rules.

This is a work in progress. There’s plenty that I’ve left out and plenty that I don’t know. If you have any suggestions or would like to add something, I would love to hear from you.

This is a hack. It’s also my first open source project. So go easy!


pwattsmail at gmail dot com // @ptrwtts

andrew at deceptacle dot com // @andrewburgess


Distributed under the MIT license. Copyright (c) 2011 Peter Watts


Demo application for Spotify Apps API



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