Python code to teleoperate the Baxter industrial robot using Kinect, Oculus Rift, and a web interface.
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Baxter Teleoperation using Kinect and the Oculus Rift

This repository contains code for an interactive console that allows you to send commands to Baxter, including starting teleoperation. Commands can be queued or interrupted for seamless operation. Also supports playback of joint positions or images as specified in CSV files.


First, enter the Baxter environment. If you want to use the simulator:

    cd ~/ros_ws
    . sim
    roslaunch baxter_gazebo baxter_world.launch

If you want to use the real robot:

    cd ~/ros_ws

Second, start the kinect client in a new terminal tab:

    roslaunch openni_launch openni.launch

Third, start tracking in another termial tab:

    roslaunch openni_tracker openni_tracker.launch

Finally, enable the robot and start the console.

    rosrun baxter_tools -e

You can then run commands at the >>> prompt.


  • baxter.idle() cease teleoperation and move to an idle position (as specified by csv file)
  • baxter.standby() move baxter to the 'psi' kinect calibration pose
  • baxter.start_teleoperation(transition) execute one of three transitions to teleoperation, 0=immediate, 1=with animation, 2=with image
  • baxter.queue_state(dict) queue images or motions
  • baxter.send_image(path) display an image on baxter's face