A professional Hexo theme based on Metronic's "Corporate Frontend" framework.
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Hexo Corporate

Hexo Corporate is a full-featured Hexo theme based on the Metronic Corporate Frontend freebie framework.

Live example: Link | Source

This theme is useful for companies interested in using Hexo to create a professional website with an attractive landing page, company blog, contact information, and portfolio.

Hexo Corporate blog page.


  • custom landing page / index
  • blog posts with tags and categories
  • project portfolio
  • contact form with google maps
  • about page
  • swiftype (search) integration
  • multiple color schemes
  • disqus integration
  • social links
  • metronic css framework components


git clone https://github.com/ptsteadman/hexo-theme-corporate.git themes/corporate


  1. Add example pages.

    Copy all of the contents of themes/corporate/_source to source. This includes a sample landing page and contact, project, and about pages.

    cp -r themes/corporate/_source/* source
  2. Enable theme. Modify the root site _config.yml so that theme is set to corporate.

    # Extensions
    ## Plugins: http://hexo.io/plugins/
    ## Themes: http://hexo.io/themes/
    theme: corporate # change this

    Finally, run npm install and then hexo server to test out the site.

  3. Optional: Enable custom landing page.

    To use custom landing page instead of the default archive index, remove the line containing hexo-generator-index from package.json in the project root. Then, edit source/index.ejs.


cd themes/corporate
git pull


Edit themes/corporate/_config.yml for theme-specific configuration.

# Header Menu
  Home: /
  Projects: /projects/
  Blog: /archives/ # can set archive-dir in root config to custom value
  Contact: /contact/
  About: /about/
rss: /atom.xml

# Content
excerpt_link: Read More
fancybox: true # whether or not to load the fancybox library

# Integrations

# Social
  github: https://github.com/ptsteadman
  twitter: https://twitter.com/ptsteadman
  facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ptsteadman
  rss: atom.xml
  linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/ptsteadman
  stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/users/2480493/patrick-steadman

# Miscellaneous
color_scheme: red   # options: blue, gray, green, orange, red, turquoise
favicon: /favicon.ico # path from root of hexo site
twitter_widget_id: "678830341331820544" # as a string, from https://twitter.com/settings/widgets
twitter_username: computerlab_ # twitter username without the @
default_author: Anonymous

about: Computer Lab is a software development and marketing company based in Brooklyn, New York. <br><br> Computer Lab was founded in 2015, and is focused on so on and so forth.
phone: 716-472-4484
email: ptsteadman@gmail.com
address_1: 140 Metropolitan Avenue
address_2: 5th Floor
address_3: Brooklyn, NY 11249
skype: ptsteadman
lat: 40.715911 
long: -73.962147


Custom Pages

Contact, Projects, and About pages are included in the theme's _source directory. When copied to the blog's source directory, they can be edited with your custom content. Edit the header menu in the themes _config.yml to create links to these pages.

You can use metronic CSS components to build these pages.

# Header Menu
  Home: /
  Projects: /projects/
  Blog: /archives/ # can set archive-dir in root config to custom value
  Contact: /contact/
  About: /about/


You enable Swiftype search funcationality by editing the theme's _config.yml.

swiftype_install_key: XXX_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

This install key can be found at your own engine's install page:

Finally, don't forget to save your swiftype configuration to complete the installation.


Set thumbnail in post frontmatter to display an image on the blog/archive page:

thumbnail: https://s3.amazonaws.com/ptsteadman-images/nginx-proxy.png


Set lede in post frontmatter to display a custom bit of text distinct from an excerpt:

lede: "This text will appear by the thumbnail in the blog page."


Set author in post frontmatter to display an author's name. Set default_author in the site's _config.yml to determine author if the frontmatter value is not set.

author: "Patrick Steadman"

Color Schemes

Hexo Corporate has multiple color schemes, including:

  • red
  • gray
  • green
  • orange
  • blue
  • turquoise


Hexo Corporate uses [Fancybox] to showcase your photos. You can use Markdown syntax or fancybox tag plugin to add your photos.

![img caption](img url)

{% fancybox img_url [img_thumbnail] [img_caption] %}

Metronic Freebie License

The Metronic CSS and JavaScript components are included with the following license:

You are free to use this freebie theme in your any personal or commercial
projects. All used resources, plugins, stock images are subject to thier own

The only limitation is that you are not permitted to use this theme in a stock
items that sold in any theme marketplaces(e.g: themeforest.net,
wrapbootstrap.com, etc...).