Put fake ads on your site to make it look legit.
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Put fake ads on your site to make it look legit.

Before: Before.

After: After.


Insert the following script tag into the place where you want ads:

<script src="https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/kaboodle/kaboodle.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Ad creatives will be injected directly to your DOM, for free, without any pesky trackers!

Join Kaboodle

If you have a weird or interesting website, create a pull request containing the ad creative (approx. 210px x 176px), the clickthrough URL, and the caption. As long as it's weird enough and seems legit, it'll be added to the CDN.


Kaboodle will automatically adjust the number of creatives displayed based on the width of the parent element. By setting the data-num-rows attribute of the kaboodle script tag, you can control the number of rows of creatives kaboodle will display. By default, the number of rows is 2.

<script data-num-rows="2"

More options soon.


If you have Google Analytics, kaboodle will automatically send tracking events when users click on kaboodle 'ads'. These events can be viewed in the Behavior > Events > Overview section of GA. You could adapt this to run a DIY ad server.


Created for Best Stories Online. MIT License.