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Polar Diagram Plugin for OpenCPN

This plugin is originally developed by Konnibe. I have forked this from his git repository and I am continuing development. Konnibe has been unable to continue development on this logbook due to ill health.

Downloading the Plugin

The latest binary release can be found here:


You should be able to find binaries (RPM and DEB) for Linux as well as some for Windows and OSX there.

If the binaries for your platform are not there, then just stand by, we have several people contributing binaries and it takes a few days to get them in from everyone.


This plugin now builds out of the OpenCPN source tree. You do not need to build the entire of OpenCPN or even clone it from git just to build this plugin. It should, however, also successfully build from inside the OpenCPN source tree along with the rest of OpenCPN if you clone it into the OpenCPN/plugins directory.

If you need instructions as to how to build OpenCPN then see the developers manual at http://opencpn.org/ocpn/developers_manual

You need to have all of the dependencies required to compile OpenCPN installed in order to be able to build this plugin. Those might vary depending on your system.

Clone this repository from github

You might choose to fork this repository on github so you might use your own git: URL instead of the one below.

git clone https://github.com/ptulp/polar_pi

or, from your own fork, a command similar to this (replace pulp with your own git user name):

git clone git@github.com:ptulp/polar-pi.git polar_pi

Build on Linux

Note that you will need to have all of the development tools installed that are required to build OpenCPN. If you have any doubts then run the cmake .. command and it will complain about missing dependencies. At the very least you will need the g++ compiler and development libraries, cmake, gettext, so install those first and see how far you get.

mkdir polar_pi/build
cd polar_pi/build
cmake ..
cmake --build .

Build on Mac OS X

Tools: Can be installed either manually or from Homebrew (http://brew.sh)

#brew install git #If I remember well, it is already available on the system
brew install cmake
brew install gettext
ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/gettext/0.19.2/bin/msgmerge /usr/local/bin/msgmerge
ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/gettext/0.19.2/bin/msgfmt /usr/local/bin/msgfmt

To target older OS X versions than the one you are running, you need the respective SDKs installed. The easiest way to achieve that is using https://github.com/devernay/xcodelegacy

Building wxWidgets

(do not use wxmac from Homebrew, it is not compatible with OpenCPN) Get wxWidgets 3.0.x source from http://wxwidgets.org Configure, build and install

cd wxWidgets-3.0.2
./configure --enable-unicode --with-osx-cocoa --with-macosx-sdk=/Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.7.sdk/ --with-macosx-version-min=10.7 --enable-aui --disable-debug --enable-opengl
sudo make install

Building the plugin

Before running cmake, you must set the deployment target to OS X 10.7 to be compatible with the libraries used by core OpenCPN


cd polar_pi
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
cmake --build .


From inside the build directory, the following command will make packages for your current platform against the as-built code:

make package

Note that you will need to have the packaging tools installed for your platform and any other platforms that you build packages for. e.g. on Ubuntu you will need the development tools required to build deb file as well as the rpm package required to build RPM files.

To check the contents of the Debian/Ubuntu package, use this command:

dpkg -c polar_pi_1.0001-1_amd64.deb

Packaging on OS X

Get and install the Packages application from http://s.sudre.free.fr/Software/Packages/about.html After installing Packages create the Plugin package.

make create-pkg

This will create the Polar-Plugin_1.0xx.pkg file in the build directory. Executing this file will install the plugin.