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Minetest Craft Recipe Conflict Detector

Minetest mods sometimes define the same craft recipe for different items. If conflicting recipes are installed on the same server, some game items will be impossible to craft. Minetest administrators can use the detector to identify conflicts, making it easy to reconcile them before players are affected.

This is a command line tool intended for server administrators. In order to use it, as well as to do anything with the information in provides, you'll need to be:

  1. Comfortable understanding and running commands in the terminal.
  2. Prepared to edit plain-text and Minetest recipe code files as needed.


Linux (should be similar for Mac)

Linux, command line:

$ pip install --user vex
    # vex is like virtualenv, but with Unix elegance:
    # https://pypi.python.org/pypi/vex
$ vex --python python3 -m minetest_recipe
$ git clone git+git://github.com/ptvirgo/mt_recipe_conflict_detector
$ cd mt_recipe_conflict_checker
$ pip install ./
$ cp -r recipe_export ~/.minetest/mods


I haven't used Windows in over 15 years; if someone wants to sort these out I'm willing to add instructions here.


  • Activate the recipe_export mod along with any mods you wish to detect conflicts for to a Minetest world: named MyWorld for this example.
  • Start up the Minetest game with your demo world to load the recipes.
  • Shut down the game to export them.
  • Run
vex minetest_recipe scripts/detect_conflicts.py ~/.minetest/worlds/MyWorld/recipe_export.json


If you're very, very lucky, there will be no output at all. Congrats! No conflicts.

More likely, you'll see a list of conflicts similar to this sample:

katanas:katana_wood conflicts with katanas:umad_bro
default:furnace conflicts with xdecor:stone_rune
"gates_wooden:classic" conflicts with doors:gate_wood_closed
itemframes:frame conflicts with frame:empty

In the example above, an admin would likely want to remove or alter the recipe for the fictional "katanas:umad_bro" item, as well as the rest of them.

If a line appears stating that a recipe conflicts with itself, that means the same recipe is being loaded by your server twice.