Chapter1: loading canned data, confusing, frustrating #10

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consider a comment in the cell that loads in the sample data that suggests to comment out the line that loads in the sample data set. One needs to execute that cell to populate t, but it took me a peculiarly long time to think to just comment out the json.loads(...) line to use my own data. In fact, you might comment out the json.loads line and suggest to un-comment it for people who want to use the canned data. I'd guess that most people would rather use data that they just generated themselves and be able to fall back to the canned data if something went awry or the stuff didn't make sense with the live data.

split the loading of the canned data and populating t into separate (named) examples.

I don't understand why
if status['id'] == 316948241264549888
is in that code. Leaving it out and using my data works just fine. Like this:

t = [ status 
      for status in statuses ][0]
@ptwobrussell ptwobrussell added a commit that closed this issue May 25, 2013
@ptwobrussell Fixes #10-12, #17, #19-23. Thanks so much to @pfaffman for the incred…
…ibly detailed feedback!

Totally fair point and now seems obvious after you articulated the problem/frustration so well. Fixed in 25c1c7d

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