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Adaptations and Extensions of Twitter-Related Examples from Mining the Social Web
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This repository contains code for the now defunct 21 Recipes for Mining Twitter (O'Reilly, 2011) book. The content from this book and its source code has been absorbed into Mining the Social Web, 2nd Edition (O'Reilly, 2013), which has its own GitHub repository maintained by the same author.

Although code in this repository has been freshened to be compatible with Twitter's v1.1 API changes as of mid-April 2013 and should be functional for you to use, the code in this repository will not be maintained moving forward. This repository is left here only for continuity and will likely be deleted at the end of 2013. Moving forward, it is highly recommended that you reference Mining the Social Web, 2nd Edition and its updated/maintained GitHub repository.

Comments and feedback are welcome:

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