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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import sys
import twitter
from recipe__get_user_info import get_info_by_screen_name
from recipe__oauth_login import oauth_login
from recipe__search import search
def analyze_users_in_search_results(t, q, max_batches=5, count=100):
# Search for something
statuses = search(t, q=q, max_batches=max_batches, count=count)
# Extract the screen names from the results
# and optionally map them to a useful field like the tweet id
screen_name_to_tweet_ids = {}
screen_name_to_info = {}
screen_name_to_location = {}
for status in statuses:
screen_name = status['user']['screen_name']
if not screen_name_to_tweet_ids.has_key(screen_name):
screen_name_to_tweet_ids[screen_name] = []
screen_name_to_tweet_ids[screen_name] += [ status['id'] ]
screen_name_to_info[screen_name] = status['user']
screen_name_to_location[screen_name] = status['user']['location']
# Note that the "location" field can
# be anything a user has typed in, and may be something like "Everywhere",
# "United States" or something else that won't geocode to a specific coordinate
# on a map.
# Use the various screen_name_to{tweet_ids, info, location} maps to determine
# interesting things about the people who appear in the search results.
return screen_name_to_info, screen_name_to_location, screen_name_to_tweet_ids
if __name__ == '__main__':
Q = ' '.join(sys.argv[1:])
# Don't forget to pass in keyword parameters if you don't have
# a token file stored to disk
t = oauth_login()
sn2info, sn2location, sn2tweet_ids = analyze_users_in_search_results(t, Q)
# Go off and do interesting things...
print sn2info
print sn2location
print sn2tweet_ids