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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import re
from recipe__oauth_login import oauth_login
from recipe__search import search
def get_rt_origins(tweet):
# Regex adapted from
rt_patterns = re.compile(r"(RT|via)((?:\b\W*@\w+)+)", re.IGNORECASE)
rt_origins = []
# Inspect the tweet to see if was produced with /statuses/retweet/:id
# See
if tweet.has_key('retweeted_status'):
rt_origins += [ tweet['retweeted_status']['user']['screen_name'].lower() ]
# Also, inspect the tweet for the presence of "legacy" retweet
# patterns such as "RT" and "via"
rt_origins += [
for mention in rt_patterns.findall(tweet['text'])[0][1].split()
except IndexError, e:
# Filter out any duplicates
return list(set([rto.strip("@").lower() for rto in rt_origins]))
if __name__ == '__main__':
t = oauth_login()
tweets = search(t, q='Python', max_batches=1, count=100)
for tweet in tweets:
print tweet['text'], get_rt_origins(tweet)