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@@ -6,6 +6,21 @@ This repository contains code for the [21 Recipes for Mining Twitter](http://ore
You can preview the book [here]( to make sure it's helpful to you before you make a purchase.
+# Marketing Description
+Millions of public Twitter streams harbor a wealth of data, and once you mine them, you can gain some valuable insights. This short and concise book offers a collection of recipes to help you extract nuggets of Twitter information using easy-to-learn Python tools. Each recipe offers a discussion of how and why the solution works, so you can quickly adapt it to fit your particular needs. The recipes include techniques to:
+- Use OAuth to access Twitter data
+- Create and analyze graphs of retweet relationships
+- Use the streaming API to harvest tweets in realtime
+- Harvest and analyze friends and followers
+- Discover friendship cliques
+- Summarize webpages from short URLs
+This book is a perfect companion to [Mining the Social Web](
# See Also
- [Mining the Social Web (Amazon)](
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