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Bed Scale

This implements a bed scale as explained on . Basically it gives you means of keeping track of several peoples weight sharing the same bed (i.e. families).

Arduino Code

The Arduino software depends on the modified HX711 library from the "parallel" brach of .

Python Code

The python code needs some initialization in order to work properly. You will have to tell it the peoples weight is is supposed to log. Everyone not in the people shelve will not be monitored and their weight discarded.

$ python

>>> import shelve


>>> people['him']=...

>>> people['her']=...

>>> people.close()

Where you would fill the ellipsis by you and e.g. your wifes weight. This way the algorithm has start values to work from.

For running, redirect its output to a log file.

$ python > waage.log

For analyzing the weight changes over time of the previously initializes household members, run like so:

$ python > result.dta

The result.dta can then be processed using a spreadsheet or gnuplot.


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