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AWS SDK for Java Build Status

The AWS SDK for Java enables Java developers to easily work with Amazon Web Services and build scalable solutions with Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Glacier, and more. You can get started in minutes using Maven or by downloading a single zip file.


  • Provides easy-to-use HTTP clients for all supported AWS services, regions, and authentication protocols.
  • Client-Side Data Encryption for Amazon S3 - Helps improve the security of storing application data in Amazon S3.
  • Amazon DynamoDB Object Mapper - Uses Plain Old Java Object (POJOs) to store and retrieve Amazon DynamoDB data.
  • Amazon S3 Transfer Manager - With a simple API, acheive enhanced the throughput, performance, and reliability by using multi-threaded Amazon S3 multipart calls.
  • Amazon SQS Client-Side Buffering - Collect and send SQS requests in ansynchronous batches, improving application and network performance.
  • Automatically uses IAM Instance Profile Credentials on configured Amazon EC2 instances.
  • And more!

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for AWS - Before you begin, you need an AWS account. Please see the AWS Account and Credentials section of the developer guide for information about how to create an AWS account and retrieve your AWS credentials.
  2. Minimum requirements - To run the SDK you will need Java 1.6+. For more information about the requirements and optimum settings for the SDK, please see the Java Development Environment section of the developer guide.
  3. Install the SDK - Using Maven is the recommended way to install the AWS SDK for Java. Please see the Install the AWS SDK for Java section of the user guide for more detailed information about installing the SDK through other means.
  4. Using the SDK - The best way to become familiar with how to use the SDK is to read the Developer Guide.

Building From Source

Once you check out the code from GitHub, you can build it using Maven. To disable the GPG-signing in the build, use: mvn clean install -Dgpg.skip=true


Official mirror of the AWS SDK for Java. For more information on the AWS SDK for Java, see our web site:







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