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Commits on May 8, 2012
  1. @maxwell

    small typo in notifier.rb

    maxwell authored
  2. @maxwell

    Merge pull request #3241 from stevenh512/nsfw-reshares

    maxwell authored
    Reshares delegate nsfw to the root post
  3. @maxwell

    Merge pull request #3225 from stevenh512/refactor-emails

    maxwell authored
    Use Markerb for emails
  4. @maxwell

    Merge pull request #3240 from pubis/update-federation-logger

    maxwell authored
    Update federation logger
  5. match integration pod ports

  6. @jhass
  7. @stevenh512
  8. remove debug_rjs reference

  9. @maxwell

    update unicorn [ci skip]

    maxwell authored
  10. @maxwell
  11. @maxwell

    sad panda. selenium web driver had to update, and clearly some of the…

    maxwell authored
    … behavior around send_key changed :(
  12. @maxwell
  13. @stevenh512

    Use markerb for emails

    stevenh512 authored
    * Add markerb to the Gemfile
    * Update mailer classes to send multipart text+html emails
    * Simplify all email templates and convert to Markdown+ERB
    This required stripping the CSS and images from the emails. All
    Markdown templates are based on the original HTML version except
    for the inviter, where it was much easier to work with the text
    version (and the i18n contains the whole message anyway).
  14. @maxwell
  15. @maxwell
  16. @maxwell
  17. @denniscollective
Commits on May 7, 2012
  1. @danielgrippi
  2. @denniscollective
  3. @maxwell

    fix build

    maxwell authored
  4. @maxwell

    fix pg rspec

    maxwell authored
  5. @danielgrippi
  6. @danielgrippi
  7. @danielgrippi

    green build = happy dan

    danielgrippi authored
  8. @danielgrippi
  9. @danielgrippi
  10. @danielgrippi
  11. @maxwell

    more readme tweaks [ci skip]

    maxwell authored
  12. @maxwell
  13. @danielgrippi
Commits on May 6, 2012
  1. @danielgrippi

    use modulate instead of -brightness-contrast for now, as the cedar st…

    danielgrippi authored
    …ack has an outdated version of mogrify [ci skip]
  2. @danielgrippi
  3. @danielgrippi
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