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Stargaze open source code and contracts


  1. stargaze stargaze Public

    Stargaze Cosmos proof-of-stake blockchain

    Go 234 78

  2. stargaze-tools stargaze-tools Public

    Tools for launching NFT projects on Stargaze

    TypeScript 43 33

  3. launchpad launchpad Public

    Stargaze NFT and Launchpad smart contracts

    Rust 74 38

  4. marketplace marketplace Public

    Stargaze Marketplace and Live Auctions smart contracts

    Rust 42 15

  5. cw-ics721 cw-ics721 Public

    CosmWasm IBC NFT Transfers

    Rust 53 27

  6. core core Public

    Stargaze core contracts and standard library

    Rust 4 3


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