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Public Lab

A community for DIY environmental investigation. We especially welcome contributions from people from groups underrepresented in free and open source software!

Pinned repositories

  1. a collaborative knowledge-exchange platform in Rails; we welcome first-time contributors! 🎈

    Ruby 565 1.2k

  2. Tools to understand and welcome people into a contributor community

    JavaScript 94 136

  3. Forked from jywarren/image-sequencer

    A pure JavaScript sequential image processing system, inspired by storyboards

    JavaScript 75 194

  4. a JavaScript library that uses an audio software modem to communicate with an Arduino via a headphone jack

    JavaScript 104 17

  5. A Leaflet extension to distort or "rubber sheet" images

    JavaScript 127 138

  6. Collection of different environmental map layers in an easy to use Leaflet library

    JavaScript 65 70


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