Tools to understand and welcome people into a contributor community
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Community Toolbox

A toolbox of a GitHub organization's contributor community.

See a live instance (set up for Public Lab's community) at:

Embed an issues list

Community Toolbox lets you view issues of a specific repository for embedding on another site, with the following URL:

For issues with a specific label, use, for example:

To embed these on your site, use an <iframe> like this:

<iframe src="" style="border:none;" width="100%" height="600px"></iframe>

Org-wide issues

You can also use Community Toolbox to display issues for a given label across an entire organization. Use all for the r parameter, like this:


These lines allow configuration of the example to set repository, organization and labels to use, by adding to the URL hash in the format: (for the r parameter, as an example). So the options are:


To develop and build out Community Toolbox, you'l need to have npm installed and to run npm install to get all the dependencies.

Community Toolbox is built using a Grunt task from the source files in /src/, and the compiled file is saved to /dist/community-toolbox.js. To build, run grunt build. To watch files for changes, and build whenever they occur, run grunt.

API calls are based on:

Install Instructions

  • Clone or download the repo. into any fresh temporary folder.

    git clone

  • Cd into that root folder you just cloned locally.

    cd community-toolbox

  • Open terminal in the current folder and to install all dependencies type

    npm install

    Update to new version of packages if required in package.json.

  • Now go to the folder and open index.html in browser.


(testing is not yet implemented, but when it is, it'll probably work like this)

Assuming tape is installed via npm install:

npm test