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Python library and command line tools for processing's Infragram images and movies. Here are two sample movies remixed from Chris Fastie's "Bee Pond Fuschia" Infrablue movie:

  1. NDVI with fixed value range (-1.0 to 1.0) and overlayed R,G,B,NDVI histograms:

  2. NDVI with dynamic range (vmin to vmax in each frame ) and overlayed R,G,B,NDVI histograms:


Debian Linux system (though Windows and OS X should also be possible with slightly different initial steps):

  1. Install dependencies: sudo apt-get install git python-numpy python-matplotlib libav-tools ubuntu-restricted-extras

  2. Download lastest package from github:

    cd ~
    mkdir src
    cd src
    git clone
  1. Run the setup script:
    cd infrapix
    sudo python install

Converting an infrablue image to NDVI

  • Go to a directory with an infrablue movie and run, e.g.:

infrapix_single -i river.jpg --show_histogram -o ndvi_river.jpg

For a sample infrablue image as input, grab "river.jpg" here, or below (get it via 'right-click save-as'):


Running the above command should result in an image similar to the following:


Converting an infrablue movie to NDVI

  1. Go to a directory with an infrablue movie and run, for example to get dynamic range: infrapix_render -i BeePondFuschia.mp4 --show_histogram -o BeePondFuschia_NDVI_hist_dynamic-range.mp4

    to get fixed range: infrapix_render -i BeePondFuschia.mp4 --vmin -1.0 --vmax 1.0 --show_histogram -o BeePondFuschia_NDVI_hist_fixed-range.mp4

  2. Wait a really long time... enjoy. Hint, run infrapix_render -h for help.

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