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Image Management

Updated Sep 14, 2019

The project aims at improving Mapknitter -- by implementing filtering, ordering, multi-image export, etc

  • Spam Management on Mapknitter
  • Ability to apply filters to images (with Image Sequencer) and upload a new version
  • Ability to order images in the sidebar
  • Ability to select a collection of images to export
  • View of all images for a given region in maps
  • Ability to choose time bounding box (some kind of layer manager may be needed)
  • Refresh background images while dragging
  • Ability to upload new versions of an image
  • New templates and APIs to present images on any map, selected by a bounding box
  • Image versioning, locking and reverting - the ability to view and revert to previous versions of an image


Rails Upgrade

Updated Aug 25, 2019

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MapKnitter Upgrades

Updated Apr 18, 2019

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