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Community Check-ins

One of our community values is openness and diversity in thought. For this reason, we have started weekly check-ins run by our contributors (you!). The check-ins are currently opened as issues in the plots2 repository for convenience, but are meant to instigate discussions about any and all repos / topics related to Public Lab. You can always find the most recent check-in pinned at the top of the issues page.

New contributors are encouraged to get engaged :).

Below we provide you with information for getting involved and making your own post. These are just guidelines - we encourage you to get creative and lead the check-in with whatever words you would like 💫.


  • First things first: our community aspires to be a respectful place. Please read and abide by our Code of Conduct.

  • Check-ins are typically opened as issues anytime on Sunday or Monday.

  • Volunteer to open the next check-in by leaving a comment on the current one.

  • When you open a check-in please use our Gitter chatroom to notify everyone by referencing @/all and linking the post. Include a brief message for new contributors so that they know what it is. ex:

"Hey! Please see our weekly check-in <here>. Everyone is welcome to contribute and we encourage new users to get involved."

  • Check-ins have a theme. Select any theme that interests you to guide the general flow of responses from the community.

  • Add anything else you'd like.

    • Discovered a new technology you'd like to share?

    • Found an interesting article about open source?

    • Have any questions?

    • Troubleshot any issues that the rest of the community can learn from?

  • Include sections from the last check-in that make sense to carry over. If you need a hint, reference the template, theme, or content of past check-ins.


Thank you for helping us maintain our community! 🌐 🎉

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