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Public Lab's Android Aerial Acquisition App
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Sky Camera

by Mohit Meena

Read more at:

Sky Camera is a prototype Android app (updated now) for attaching to a balloon or kite for taking pictures at a set interval. It was developed by Mohit Meena as part of the 2013 Google Summer of Code program with Public Lab.

It has the following features:

  • Android 2.3.3 is supported now.
  • Android 3 is required at minimum.
  • custom intervalometer to take pictures every X seconds (from 7 seconds up)
  • image stability detection to take pictures only when the camera is not moving too much
  • auto-emailing to send low-res versions of the photos to the given email address while in the air, over the cell data connection
  • auto-emailing of latitude/longitude
  • some camera settings adjustments

Planned features include:

  • "beep" pulse on interval to synchronize with hi-res cameras
  • more compatibility with more phones
  • more links to MapKnitter and other Public Lab resources
  • low power mode which disables the screen
  • more features listed here:

For using this application:

  1. Please turn on Your GPS and WiFi for location and Email updates respectively.
  2. Set time period to greater than 7 Seconds.(Default is 7s where s stands for seconds; m for minutes and h for hour)
  3. Set Acceleration Threshold to around 0.5 (You can set it as according to your need)
  4. For email updates, type in your mail id.
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