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Electoral map tool
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Election Map India

A simple map based tool to locate electoral constituency for voting and candidate details.

Map Data

The tool is built using map APIs from Mapbox and rendered via the Mapbox GL JS engine.

Note: Due to absence of open data from the Election Commission of India, the authenticity of the shown data cannot be verified


The electionmap API can be used to retreive constituency details at any coordinate:<LONGITUDE>,<LATITUDE>.json?limit=5&radius=0&dedupe=true&access_token=<MAPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN>

Generate a free developer token from Mapbox. For more options check the Mapbox tilequey documentation

Constituency boundaries

Constituency shapefiles sourced from datameet maps and hosted on Mapbox.

Mapbox tilesets

Basemap data

Place locations and street level details are from the OpenStreetMap Project. Data updates on OSM are reflected on the map in a week.

Map style

Basemap showing constituency boundaries with street details designed in Mapbox Studio.

Mapbox GL JS style id planemad/cjoescdh20cl62spey0zj3v19


Get the code and start the development server with live preview. Requires node.

git clone
cd electionmap
npm install
npm run start

If you made changes to the js scripts, do npm run build to compile the final javascript file to js/dist and commit them before publishing. Do NOT make changes directly to files inside the dist/ folder.

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