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Design Meeting 05 07 2013

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  1. Profile documents/profile endpoint
  2. Profile/schema aliasing
  3. Required fields for input vs. output (publishing vs retrieval)
  4. Search Queries


  1. Irakli will propose a profile definition for... wait for it: Profile document type.
  2. Scott will propose design for: ->
    1. /profiles callback validates that the requested document is of profile type "profile"
      1. Write a middleware that maps registered "doc" aliases to /docs/xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
      2. This information is stored in endpoint_aliases document.
      3. Middleware example:
    2. something validates that xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx is the same as "story".
      1. The information on what guid_alias profile is known under, is stored with the profile document itself (Irakli)
    3. We need /profiles to list all profiles (maybe put aliased ones at the top and then order by # of documents of that profile type?)
  3. Let's concentrate on validation for saving (input) for now, and table validation of output.
  4. Search limited to the following pre-defined fields:
    1. Full-text search on Title and Contenttemplated fields
    2. collection - either "belongs to" or "is associated with" relationship
      1. collections ordered lists of items. They can correspond to "aggregations"
      2. collections have an associated GUID that corresponds to a document of ordered items
    3. Filtering by hashtags filed (
      1. Hashtags cut across orgs and allow sharing/searching .
      2. They are full-text match and do not have associated GUIDs
    4. Filtering by topics
      1. This is a global, minimal list of high-level topics for sharing/search.
      2. An example of what Google News uses to allow searching of stories according to Politics, Sports, Science, etc.)
    5. Filtering by publish_date
    6. Filtering by "contains assets of profile type".
  5. Any search will support pagination.
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