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Design Meeting 06 13 2013

Irakli Nadareishvili edited this page · 6 revisions
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  1. Top-level href vs. self link


  1. Still no good justification for "self" because Hypermedia document can not directly be associated with some "document" in some storage, it would be a wrong way to think about hypermedia resource. Rather, we will add first and last link relations to documents when document has multiple pages, though. Just like we do next and prev. self is the current "page" and it is the only required one of the bunch.
  2. We need to make sure that when API is expanding item links it is doing that through an http request to the href URI, and not: "guessing" guid and trying to load document from doc storage via guid. There is no requirement that an item is a document from doc storage, it CAN be a search result or anything, as far as "anything" is a Collection.doc+JSON doc.
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