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Design Meeting 08 27 2013

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  1. Discuss including guids with links where appropriate.
    • links that point to documents that have guids could include the guids as an additional attribute
    • if a guid is found with the link, it can be used to look up document more directly
    • if a guid is not found with the link, then the link href is followed as it is now
    • with the guid, calls can be made directly to search or storage instead of going through another API request
    • calls at least to search must still be used in order to ensure permissions are checked
  2. Discuss SDK entry point to API (home doc vs any doc)
  3. Discuss data portability


  1. Create a function that will run an href through a function and return the guid for purposes of indexing (using the doc load search link pattern provided by the API itself!!! No hardcoding!).
  2. Pass the auth token around in the DocumentModel for purposes of looking up child documents.
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