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Roland Alpha Juno Construction Kit: Saws

A Construction kit made with a Roland Alpha Juno. Includes tons of saw, square and noise waveforms, a bunch of patches and 2 Kontakt instruments.

  • Patches: 190
  • Formats: EXS24, Kontakt
  • Approx Size: 4.2GB
  • Info:

Please note: the audio part of this library is provided via Bittorrent. You will need to download this using the included .torrent file.



  1. Copy the Audio folder to Music/Audio Music Apps/Samples
  2. Copy the "EXS" folder to Music/Audio Music Apps/Sampler Instruments
  3. Open EXS24 and select "Refresh Library" in the Library pane
  4. Select patches under "User Patches" in the library panel


  1. Move the Audio and NKI folders to where ever you like
  2. Open Kontakt
  3. From the file menu select "Batch resave". Proceed with yes
  4. Open the folder with the .nki files
  5. Once the batch resave process has completed open a sample using the file browser

Support this project

Do you find these samples useful? If so please consider supporting the project on Patreon or buying a hard disk from our Etsy store. They contain the entire Modular Samples collection and a few extras.

We actively encourage people to modify and improve these sounds. If you have created patches, added new formats or even recorded new samples then create an new issue for this repository, or get in touch via email to discuss access to the project.

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