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<?php require_once "../";
# $Id: wiki.php,v 1.36 2008/01/09 17:16:03 publicwhip Exp $
# vim:sw=4:ts=4:et:nowrap
# The Public Whip, Copyright (C) 2003 Francis Irving and Julian Todd
# This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under
# certain conditions. However, it comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
# For details see the file LICENSE.html in the top level of the source.
require_once "../";
require_once "";
require_once "../";
require_once "../";
require_once "../";
require_once "../";
require_once "../";
require_once "../";
require_once "../";
$db = new DB();
$just_logged_in = do_login_screen();
if (user_isloggedin()) # User logged in, show settings screen
$type = db_scrub($_GET["type"]);
if ($type == 'motion')
$params = array(db_scrub($_GET["date"]), db_scrub($_GET["number"]), db_scrub($_GET["house"]));
trigger_error("Unknown wiki type " . htmlspecialchars($type), E_USER_ERROR);
$newtext = $_POST["newtext"];
$newtitle = $_POST["newtitle"];
$newdescription = $_POST["newdescription"];
$submit = db_scrub($_POST["submit"]);
$rr = db_scrub($_GET["rr"]);
$db->query("select * from pw_division where division_date = '$params[0]'
and division_number = '$params[1]' and house = '$params[2]'");
$division_details = $db->fetch_row_assoc();
$prettydate = date("j M Y", strtotime($params[0]));
$title = "Edit division description - " . $division_details['division_name'] . " - $prettydate - Division No. $params[1]";
$debate_gid = str_replace("", "", $division_details['debate_gid']);
$debate_gid = str_replace("", "", $debate_gid);
if ($type == "motion") {
$motion_data = get_wiki_current_value($db, "motion", array($params[0], $params[1], $params[2]));
$prev_name = extract_title_from_wiki_text($motion_data['text_body']);
$prev_description = extract_motion_text_from_wiki_text($motion_data['text_body']);
$prev_description_editable = extract_motion_text_from_wiki_text_for_edit($motion_data['text_body']);
if ($submit && (!$just_logged_in))
if ($submit == "Save") {
if ($type == 'motion') {
$newtext = add_motion_missing_wrappers($newdescription, $newtitle);
$curr_name = extract_title_from_wiki_text($newtext);
$curr_description = extract_motion_text_from_wiki_text($newtext);
$name_diff = format_linediff(trim($prev_name), trim($curr_name), false); # always have link
$description_diff = format_linediff(trim($prev_description), trim($curr_description), true);
# forum escapes <, > and the like already
$description_diff = html_entity_decode(html_entity_decode($description_diff, ENT_QUOTES), ENT_QUOTES);
$name_diff = html_entity_decode(html_entity_decode($name_diff, ENT_QUOTES), ENT_QUOTES);
global $domain_name;
divisionvote_post_forum_action($db, $params[0], $params[1], $params[2],
"Changed title and/or description of division.\n\n[b]Title:[/b] ".
$name_diff."[/url]\n[b]Description:[/b] ".$description_diff);
$db->query_errcheck("insert into pw_dyn_wiki_motion
(division_date, division_number, house, text_body, user_id, edit_date) values
('$params[0]', '$params[1]', '$params[2]', '".mysql_escape_string($newtext)."', '" . user_getid() . "', now())");
audit_log("Edited $type wiki text $params[0] $params[1] $params[2]");
if ($type == 'motion') {
notify_motion_updated($db, $params[0], $params[1], $params[2]);
header("Location: ". $rr);
$values = get_wiki_current_value($db, $type, $params);
if ($type == 'motion') {
<p>Describe the <i>result</i> of this division. This will require you
to check through the debate leading up to the vote.
The raw, and frequently
wrong, motion text is there by default. Feel free to remove it when
you've replaced it with something better. </p>
<p>Please, keep it accurate, authorative, and as jargon-free as
possible so that new readers who don't know Parliamentary procedure can
gain enlightenment. You are urged to include hyperlinks to the
legislation, command papers, reports, and committee
proceedings that are referred to so that readers who want to follow the
story further will know where to look.</p>
if ($debate_gid != "") {
if ($division_details['house'] == 'lords')
$link_url = "$debate_gid";
$link_url = "$debate_gid";
print "<b>Read the <a target=\"_blank\" href=\"$link_url\">debate leading up to the vote</a> (new window) on</b>";
} else {
print "Warning: old division; need to make hyperlink to old Parl data from division details.";
<!-- use tables here as textarea style width=64% behaves differently on IE vs. Firefox) -->
<table border="0" width="100%">
<td width="64%" valign="top">
<B>Division title:</b> <BR><INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="newtitle" style="width: 100%" VALUE="<?=html_scrub(str_replace("&#8212;", "-", $prev_name))?>" SIZE="50" MAXLENGTH="250">
<P><B>Division description:</b> <textarea name="newdescription" style="width: 100%" rows="25" cols="45"><?=html_scrub($prev_description_editable)?></textarea>
<INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="submit" VALUE="Save" accesskey="S">
<INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="submit" VALUE="Cancel">
<p><a href="<?=get_wiki_history_link($type, $params)?>">View change history</a>
} else {
trigger_error("Unknown type for wiki", E_USER_ERROR);
<td width="3%">&nbsp;</td>
<td width="33%" valign="top">
$discuss_url = "/division-forum.php?date=".$division_details["division_date"].
<p><span class="ptitle">Questions, thoughts?</span>
<a href="<?=htmlspecialchars($discuss_url)?>">Discuss this division</a>
with other researchers on our forum.
<p><span class="ptitle">Useful links for you to research</span>
<li><a href="">Public Bills before Parliament</a>
(the link gets deleted from here once the next version is printed, though the page remains.)</li>
<li><a href="">Standing Committees reviewing Bills</a></li>
<li><a href="">Standing Committees on delegated legislation</a></li>
<li><a href="">Standing Orders of Parliament</a> The rules which are often quoted for the running of the house.</li>
<li><a href="">Command Papers</a> Back to 2002, and in PDF</li>
<li><a href="">Votes and Proceedings</a> the official minutes</li>
<li><a href="">Lords minutes and Orders/</a> minutes of Lords debates</li>
<p><span class="ptitle">Formatting codes</span>. You can use the following
to mark paragraphs, lists and so on.
<li>&lt;p&gt; - begin paragraph
<li>&lt;/p&gt; - end paragraph
<li>&lt;blockquote&gt;, &lt;/blockquote&gt; - quoted paragraph
<li>&lt;i&gt; &lt;/i&gt; - italic
<li>&lt;b&gt; &lt;/b&gt; - bold
<li>&lt;a href="http://..."&gt; &lt;/a&gt; - link
<li>&lt;ul&gt; &lt;li&gt; item &lt;/li&gt; ... &lt;/ul&gt; - bulleted list
<li>&lt;ol&gt; &lt;li&gt; item &lt;/li&gt; ...&lt;/ol&gt; - numbered list
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