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Commits on Jan 18, 2011
  1. @fdv

    Update README

    fdv authored
  2. @fdv

    Release 6.0

    fdv authored
Commits on Jan 17, 2011
  1. @mvz
  2. @mvz
  3. @mvz
  4. @mvz
  5. @mvz
  6. @mvz

    Use more than one fixture for some of the article controller specs.

    mvz authored
    Requires correct sequencing of the updated_at property.
  7. @mvz
  8. @mvz

    Fix failing tags controller spec.

    mvz authored
  9. @mvz

    Homogenize permalink_url behavior.

    mvz authored
  10. @mvz
  11. @mvz
  12. @mvz

    Merge remote branch 'yaf/master'

    mvz authored
  13. @mvz

    Fix creation of redirect.

    mvz authored
  14. @mvz

    Remove unused ordering code.

    mvz authored
  15. @mvz
  16. @mvz

    Simplify Tag.get.

    mvz authored
  17. @mvz

    Make Tag.get use correct display name to name conversion.

    mvz authored
    Use to_url as in the save method.
    - simplify the Tag model's interface: finder methods should not create
    - Fix article spec to match new naming convention.
  18. @mvz
  19. @fdv
  20. @fdv
  21. @fdv
  22. @fdv

    Makes the admin/tag display look like content and comments. Simplifie…

    fdv authored
    …s tag renaming and create a Redirect from old to new URL
  23. @mvz
  24. @mvz
  25. @mvz
  26. @mvz

    Move configuration for Article to start of file; fix resources dep.

    mvz authored
    Moving config makes it more clear. Has_many has a :dependent => :nullify
    options, so we don't have to program it ourselves.
  27. @mvz
  28. @mvz

    Remove some superfluous tests.

    mvz authored
  29. @mvz

    Clean up resource model spec.

    mvz authored
  30. @mvz
  31. @mvz
  32. @mvz
  33. @mvz
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