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Simplify profiles/rights system #79

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mvz commented

The typo profiles and rights system is complex and hard to understand. There are Profile models and Rights models. Profiles also have modules (a list of symbols). It seems modules are used (in the Typo login system plugin), but Rights are not. It is not clear to me why modules are a property of profiles, since it seems they cannot be edited. Here is my proposal:

  • Remove Rights model, since it is not used at all.
  • Specify modules for each kind of user (admin, publisher, contributor) in code, not in the Profile model.
  • If the Profile model was only used for specifying the modules, remove that too.
@fdv fdv referenced this issue from a commit
@fdv fdv Remove the Rights model.
A long, long time ago, I wanted Typo permission systems to be as flexible as possible (and as user friendly as possible). My idea was to make the various profiles editable with a set of rights, everything within a fancy interface.

I started to push some things, then completely forgot about it. As this makes our permission system way more complicated than it should be, without a real interest, I'm now removing it all.

See #79 for more information.
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