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@fdv fdv released this Sep 15, 2013 · 3004 commits to master since this release

New features and enhancement

Notes and POSSE to Twitter

The most important feature of this new release is the addition of notes. Notes are (more or less) short statuses that were not long enough to deserve a full blog post. Notes come with their own feed you can find in /notes/ and can optionnaly be displayed on your Publify main feed. Notes have auto discovery for twitter account (@publify), hashtags (#publify) and links.

Notes can optionnaly be pushed to Twitter, with a perma short link back to the original content. They handle Twitter in reply context, so if you reply to a tweet, the original message will be displayed with a proper link just above yours. If the note and perma short link are short enough to fit into 140 characters, the link back is dislayed under the ( something) form. Otherwise, the tweet is sent with a full link to the content.

Visual editor and self dogfooding

The visual editor and file manager were completely removed in the name of self dogfooding (issue #224 and #164). This was a hard to take decision, as we understand you may be reluctant to use the Markdown, Textile or plain HTML syntaxes. The reason why we finally removed it was simple: none of us would use it, so it was poorly implemented and tested and, for many points, broken.

Other features

  • ##198: 404 errors are now handled by the themes instead of the application settings (change bd427c8).
  • #219: Default theme now supports hentry Microformat (change 2671fd7)
  • #224: Visual editor was removed. It may come back under another form later (change 8058ec5).
  • Editor toolbar behaves according to the selected text filter (change c802f0a).
  • Old, deprecated converters from Wordpress and Dotclear were removed (change 8f29f35).
  • A new sidebar plugin displays the most popular posts.
  • A new sidebar plugin displays the 5 latest published notes.
  • URL shortener can now use a ustom domain (change 31573fa)
  • A little revamping of the login / register / confirm / lost password / setup pages (change 1257ce2, 0bdfa85).
  • Themes now can embed their own gems (change 373cfb8).
  • Admin layout now behaves nicely with mobile devices (change 56cf701).
  • Add very basic support for OpenGraph data (changes e7a60b1, changes 6240670). By Diego Elio Pettenò.
  • Excerpts: pre-process the excerpts with the filter (change a636e23). By Diego Elio Pettenò.
  • Added dynamic_form error_messages_for user created on signup page. (change 01f8ade). By Kyle Fazzari.
  • Upgrade to Rails 3.2.13.
  • Feed cleaning: don't append the subtitle to the page title (change 6bf9a5b). By Diego Elio Pettenò.

Thank you to all the contributors who helped improving the UI by pushing wording improvement or contributing to translation effort (Soon Van, Raman Sinha, mariozig, Geraud Puechaldou)

Bugs squashed

  • #59: Articles were randomly rendered as password protected.
  • #65: Saving articles may make them lose tags.
  • #97 Dashboard crashing when fetching some RSS from Google alerts.
  • #150: Theme crashing when displaying comments count
  • #161, #162: Gemfile processing would crash because of YAML not being availale (change f3765d6).
  • #163: Iconv gem was missing in Gemfile.
  • #174: Articles using excerpt did not have the "continue reading" link (change b7839d2).
  • #179: Fixes article deletion in admin. Solves
  • #228: Changelog is meaningless.
  • #237: Missing or incorrect labels on many forms.
  • #239: Dashboard: marking a comment as spam should load the next non spammy comment.
  • #240: On authors pages, links are rails escaped.
  • Avoid resetting tags when posts are published via trigger (change f1e44c8). By Diego Elio Pettenò.
  • Sqlite3 making Article.bestof crash (change 56ea99a).
  • "Mark checked item as (Ham|Spam)" do what they're supposed to do (change 79c44a8). By Diego Elio Pettenò.
  • Incorrect sprintf format in Norwegian translation in users/index.html.erb (change 40b823b). By Tor Helland.
  • Article text filters would e reset on edit (change 1e820ef).
  • Gravatar generated HTML did not validate correctly (change 05e1372).
  • Incorrect migration versioning scheme (change 80ca76c, change 77a0039, change 7fc1bc0, change 318aec2 and change 0ffdae8). By David Ryder.
  • The search plugin didn't echo the form_tag, which was deprecated in Rails 3.0 and unsupported in Rails 3.1. This fixes that. (change 4ff48a8)
  • Inbound link widget on the dashboard did not work (change 0d64ba9).
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