Branching from stable Typo

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Since Typo is a (fast)moving target, you might want to work with a stable code base to branch from.

Suppose you might want to work with Typo 5.2.0, you’d clone the repository or fork it on github and clone from your fork. I did the latter and added dfv/typo as a remote on my local clone. The remote is named “vanilla_typo” in my example.

First pull from dfv/typo, including tags:

git pull --tags vanilla_typo master

Then branch using the tag “release_5_2_0” (“jumping back in time”):

git checkout -b stable_5_2_0 release_5_2_0

This will create a new branch called “stable_5_2_0” next to your master branch and whatever else you created.

Please note that you still might need to initialize Typo’s sub modules at this point. Migrations will be an issue if you already worked on the same databases with later migrations. You’ll have take care of the state of your database scheme.

You can now edit files and commit.

When you’re done and you want to merge this with a current revision you can forward-merge like this:

git checkout master
git pull vanilla_typo master
git format-patch -k -m --stdout release_5_2_0..stable_5_2_0 | git am -3 -k

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