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The following list shows the main feature that come standard with Typo. However, Typo has a powerful extensible model that allows to easily develop a limitless array of plugins for commercial use without any fee.

  • Avatar providers – Typo shows people commenting your articles photo if they use one of the popular avatar providers. Typo currently support Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar).

  • Built in spam protection – Typo comes with many spam protection features, from comments moderation to state of the art Akismet integration.

  • Comments – Visitors on your blog can react to individual articles. They can also use pingback and trackbacks to comment from their own site. Comments can be disabled on a per article basis or globally moderated.

  • Easy installation and upgrades – Installing Typo and upgrading from previous version is easy as pie. All you need is a Ph D. in computer science and a herring.

  • Easy importing – We currently support importing from Dotclear, Wordpress and any RSS feed.

  • Full users registration – Typo has a full built in user registration (disabled by default). People can register on your site, have full profile and post authenticated comments. You can also disable comments from non registered users.

  • Intelligent text filters – Typo provides built in intelligent text filters. Current filters offer importing a picture from Flickr, formating a block of code or opening a picture in a nice overlay.

  • Intelligent text formatting – Typo supports many standard text formatting languages, including plain HTML, Markdown, Textile or Smartypants. You can select a text formatting language on a per article or per user basis.

  • Multiple authors – Typo supports a simple, thus powerful triple level of users permission, having configurable roles. Built in roles are administrator, editor and contributor, but you can easily create new profiles.

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