Installing on Heroku

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In order to install Typo on Heroku, you'll need to do some minor tweaks...


Just add the Heroku Postgres plugin to your app. When deploying, Heroku will write the database configuration so you don't have to do anything.


Replace the default Gemfile by Gemfile.heroku : cp Gemfile Gemfile.heroku. Heroku may also needs the ruby version to be declared, you may add ruby "1.9.3" after the source to use the latest Ruby version.

Heroku will also boot your app on Webrick, the default Ruby web server, which is rather slow. Just add thin to get some free speed.

bundle install after the change.


Heroku needs Gemfile.lock to be in the Git repository. Remove Gemfile.lock from .gitignore and add it git add .gitignore Gemfile.lock

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