Upgrading to typo 6.0

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Pre migration steps are divided into 2 categories : things you should do, and things you must do.

  • You should make a backup of your current blog, either using a file transfer software or an archiver like zip or tar.
  • You should make a backup of your database, using either mysqldump, pgdump or phpmyadmin, whichever you feel safe with.

If you’re upgrading from a pre 5.0 version, you should remove all the following sidebars before migrating:

  • AIM presence
  • Audioscrobbler
  • Backpack
  • Delicious
  • Flickr
  • 43 things
  • 43 places
  • Magnolia
  • Recent comments
  • Tada
  • Upcoming
  • Xbox

These sidebars have been removed from Typo core at 5.0 and are now hosted on a separate repository. You can also migrate, then reinstall those plugins before trying to access your blog frontend or admin.

If you’re using a Typo version priori to 5.1, you must manually remove the lib directory inside your typo install.

If you’re using a third party theme, you’ll have do some changes to your template as well. This is explained later.


Upgrading should be a really easy process, depending on how you installed your typo first.
First, stop your Typo installation. As Typo installer does not exist anymore you won’t be able to use typo start / stop anymore.
I assume you’re running typo on a production environment, so first run:

$ export RAILS_ENV=production

Then, rename your whole Typo directory to some safe place and replace it with the new one.

$ mv typo_path old_typo
$ mv new_typo typo_path

Move your old files, theme, database.yml and any file you want to keep to your new Typo install.

$ mv old_typo/themes/yourtheme new_typo/themes
$ mv old_typo/public/files/ new_typo/public
$ mv old_typo/config/database.yml new_typo/config
$ ...

Check that your Web server has the right to write your Typo install, then restart your Typo instance.


Login in to your Typo admin using your favourite web browser. You’ll access to the database migration page. Just click on the “migrate” button.

If something goes wrong, go back to your terminal, and run

$ cd typo_path
$ rake RAILS_ENV=production db:migrate

If things really goes wrong, then please ask for help on the Typo mailing list or on IRC #typo@irc.freenode.net

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