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@alexm1234 alexm1234 Updated Alexm blog (markdown) 6cc3112
@alexm1234 alexm1234 Created Alexm blog (markdown) ae0ed8a
@mvz mvz Fix whitespace issues dd760dd
@mvz mvz Link to new upgrade guide 1b148bd
@mvz mvz Fix download links bfa37fd
@mvz mvz Wrap long lines f012a65
@mvz mvz Add Upgrading page 97787b1
@mvz mvz Use markdown; Use new name 'Publify'; fix links 317b0bb
@Aaron1011 Aaron1011 Fixed a small typo f97a7c6
@shrek82 shrek82 Created Install typo with typo installer (markdown) bb8c068
@nicolasblanco nicolasblanco Updated Installing on Heroku (markdown) dce43a3
@nicolasblanco nicolasblanco Updated Installing on Heroku (markdown) 456543a
@nicolasblanco nicolasblanco PG plugin warning 45eaa03
@nicolasblanco nicolasblanco Adds Heroku installation link. 2835bf9
@nicolasblanco nicolasblanco Updated Installing on Heroku (markdown) 93d1d92
@nicolasblanco nicolasblanco Updated Installing on Heroku (markdown) 86562ac
@nicolasblanco nicolasblanco Created Installing on Heroku (markdown) 0404f0a
@randomecho randomecho Easier to parse list of steps via numbered bullets 3b7d7da
@fdv fdv Adds setup your new typo blog section 21db5d3
@fdv fdv Updating Installing Typo page 08dc0ce
@fdv fdv Updated Home (textile) fccaf48
@JohnLockwood JohnLockwood Updated Installing Typo (textile) a84ed6c
@jvz jvz Fixed up some typos, reverted page from a vandal's deletion. dce5394
@jvz jvz Revert a564388ac9391fc02fe682c853617cafab8f5f68 ... efabfb8a7a6a9bf437f3f3791e6dc6d1c4cc6390 c5ff2c1
@salayhin salayhin Destroyed Installing typo (markdown) c3d1e4a
@salayhin salayhin Created Installing typo (markdown) c178fd1
@wulffeld wulffeld Site is gone. 0914df1
@mvz mvz Fix bug reporting bug 9bc7893
Destroyed Installing Typo (textile) efabfb8
@fdv fdv Updated Features (markdown) a564388
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