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Traffic's Cool

This is Jason Hoffman and Derek Houck's Spaced Repetition project. Traffic's Cool is a learning app designed to teach individuals the meaning of common US traffic signs. Try it out! username: test, password: Password123

You can view the live app at The server can be found at


The project goal was to devise an app to help users learn a language through the use of spaced repetition. We chose to use a common visual language: that of traffic signage in the US. Once they are registered, users are able to test themselves on their road sign knowledge. The app tracks their progress and score.

This application allows users to test and expand their knowledge of road signs, and helps them to become better and safer drivers. Although there are a few traffic-sign-related apps on the market, ours is the only one to implement spaced repetition in the learning process. While other apps offer mere “flash cards”, Traffic’s Cool keeps track of their progress using a spaced repetition algorithm, and it is able to help the user focus on the signs they are least familiar with.

Technology Stack

Front-end technologies • React, Redux, React Router

Server technologies • Node.js, Express, Bcrypt, JWT, Mongoose, Passport

Data Persistence • Mongo

Hosting/SaaS • Heroku

Development Environment • Mocha & Chai


Learn traffic signage through spaced repetition.



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