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PUBLIQ blockchain
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PUBLIQ blockchain node

  • portable executable
  • separate library, implementing p2p protocol, rpc server, distributed consensus algorithm
  • minimal, tiny http protocol implementation. rpc server provides the same JSON API both over TCP and HTTP (POST)
  • action log, interface that allows relational database maintainer to build the blockchain state in any desired DBMS


  • separate RPC JSON and HTTP APIs
  • blockchain explorer
  • wallet functionality

details on supported/unsupported features/technologies

  • dependencies? boost, mesh.pp, belt.pp and a simple cmake utility. crypto++ is another dependency of mesh.pp.
  • portable? yes! it's a goal. clang, gcc, msvc working.
  • build system? cmake. refer to cmake project generator options for msvc, xcode, etc... project generation.
  • static linking vs dynamic linking? both supported, refer to BUILD_SHARED_LIBS cmake option
  • 32 bit build? never tried to fix build errors/warnings
  • c++11
  • unicode support? boost::filesystem::path ensures that unicode paths are well supported and the rest of the code assumes that std::string is utf8 encoded.
  • full blown blockchain?, yes! we hope to solve the rough edges around distributed consensus algorithm and all the blockchain communication to serve the needs of PUBLIQ protocol soon.

how to build publiq.pp?

user@pc:~$ mkdir projects
user@pc:~$ cd projects
user@pc:~/projects$ git clone
user@pc:~/projects$ cd publiq.pp
user@pc:~/projects/publiq.pp$ git submodule update --init --recursive
user@pc:~/projects/publiq.pp$ cd ..
user@pc:~/projects$ mkdir
user@pc:~/projects$ cd
user@pc:~/projects/$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=./install ../publiq.pp
user@pc:~/projects/$ cmake --build . --target install

git submodules?

yes, we keep up with belt.pp and mesh.pp. those are essential parts of the project, so, if you're a developer contributing to mesh.pp and belt.pp too, then

user@pc:~$ cd projects/publiq.pp
user@pc:~/projects$ cd src/belt.pp
user@pc:~/projects/src/belt.pp$ git checkout master
user@pc:~/projects/src/belt.pp$ git pull
user@pc:~/projects/src/belt.pp$ cd ../..
user@pc:~/projects$ cd src/mesh.pp
user@pc:~/projects/src/mesh.pp$ cd src/belt.pp
user@pc:~/projects/src/mesh.pp/src/belt.pp$ git checkout master
user@pc:~/projects/src/mesh.pp/src/belt.pp$ git pull
user@pc:~/projects/src/mesh.pp/src/belt.pp$ cd ../..
user@pc:~/projects/src/mesh.pp$ git checkout master
user@pc:~/projects/src/mesh.pp$ git pull

as you see, belt.pp appears twice as a submodule, the other one that relies under mesh.pp, does not participate in the build process, we just keep up with it, to have proper repository history

how to use publiqd?

there is a command line arguments help, use it wisely! also pay attention to all the console logging. everything's is in an active development stage.

more details?

refer to the wiki page. don't forget to check out mesh.pp and belt.pp readme files

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