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PubNub 3.5 Web Data Push Cloud-Hosted API

Works with Silverlight 5.

For a video walkthrough, check out !

Open PubNubSilverlight.Example.sln, and the example Pubnub_Example.cs should demonstrate all functionality, asyncronously using delegates.

PubnubCore folder contains the Pubnub SDK.

You can also view and inspect the tests for additional insight.

Running the Demo App

  1. Open up the solution file.
  2. Right click on PubNub-Messaging, and set as Startup Project
  3. CTRL-F5 or F5 to run it, you may get a compilation error if you do not have Silverlight toolkit v4.0 installed. This is required for the unit tests and not the SDK. Please see the details under "Running the Tests"

Running the Tests

  1. The unit tests project uses Silverlight toolkit v4.0. You need to download the file Silverlight_4_Toolkit_April_2010.msi from and install it.
  2. From the project PubnubSilverlightUnitTest.Web run the file PubnubSilverlightUnitTestTestPage.aspx (view in browser).
  3. This will open the page in the browser and automatically run all the test cases.

Report an issue, or email us at support if there are any additional questions or comments.

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