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package pubnub
import (
const (
presenceTimeout = 0
// Config instance is storage for user-provided information which describe further
// PubNub client behaviour. Configuration instance contain additional set of
// properties which allow to perform precise PubNub client configuration.
type Config struct {
PublishKey string // PublishKey you can get it from admin panel (only required if publishing).
SubscribeKey string // SubscribeKey you can get it from admin panel.
SecretKey string // SecretKey (only required for modifying/revealing access permissions).
AuthKey string // AuthKey If Access Manager is utilized, client will use this AuthKey in all restricted requests.
Origin string // Custom Origin if needed
UUID string // UUID to be used as a device identifier, a default uuid is generated if not passed.
CipherKey string // If CipherKey is passed, all communications to/from PubNub will be encrypted.
Secure bool // True to use TLS
ConnectTimeout int // net.Dialer.Timeout
NonSubscribeRequestTimeout int // http.Client.Timeout for non-subscribe requests
SubscribeRequestTimeout int // http.Client.Timeout for subscribe requests only
HeartbeatInterval int // The frequency of the pings to the server to state that the client is active
PresenceTimeout int // The time after which the server will send a timeout for the client
MaximumReconnectionRetries int // The config sets how many times to retry to reconnect before giving up.
MaximumLatencyDataAge int // Max time to store the latency data for telemetry
FilterExpression string // Feature to subscribe with a custom filter expression.
PNReconnectionPolicy ReconnectionPolicy // Reconnection policy selection
Log *log.Logger // Logger instance
SuppressLeaveEvents bool // When true the SDK doesn't send out the leave requests.
DisablePNOtherProcessing bool // PNOther processing looks for pn_other in the JSON on the recevied message
UseHTTP2 bool // HTTP2 Flag
MessageQueueOverflowCount int // When the limit is exceeded by the number of messages received in a single subscribe request, a status event PNRequestMessageCountExceededCategory is fired.
MaxIdleConnsPerHost int // Used to set the value of HTTP Transport's MaxIdleConnsPerHost.
MaxWorkers int // Number of max workers for Publish and Grant requests
UsePAMV3 bool // Use PAM version 2, Objects requets would still use PAM v3
StoreTokensOnGrant bool // Will store grant v3 tokens in token manager for further use.
// NewDemoConfig initiates the config with demo keys, for tests only.
func NewDemoConfig() *Config {
demoConfig := NewConfig()
demoConfig.PublishKey = "demo"
demoConfig.SubscribeKey = "demo"
demoConfig.SecretKey = "demo"
return demoConfig
// NewConfig initiates the config with default values.
func NewConfig() *Config {
c := Config{
Origin: "",
Secure: true,
ConnectTimeout: 10,
NonSubscribeRequestTimeout: 10,
SubscribeRequestTimeout: 310,
MaximumLatencyDataAge: 60,
MaximumReconnectionRetries: 50,
SuppressLeaveEvents: false,
DisablePNOtherProcessing: false,
PNReconnectionPolicy: PNNonePolicy,
MessageQueueOverflowCount: 100,
MaxIdleConnsPerHost: 30,
MaxWorkers: 20,
UsePAMV3: true,
StoreTokensOnGrant: true,
c.UUID = fmt.Sprintf("pn-%s", utils.UUID())
return &c
func (c *Config) checkMinTimeout(timeout int) int {
if timeout < minTimeout {
if c.Log != nil {
c.Log.Println(fmt.Sprintf("PresenceTimeout value less than the min recommended value of %[1]d, setting value to %[1]d %d", minTimeout, timeout))
timeout = minTimeout
return timeout
// SetPresenceTimeoutWithCustomInterval sets the presence timeout and interval.
// timeout: How long the server will consider the client alive for presence.
// interval: How often the client will announce itself to server.
func (c *Config) SetPresenceTimeoutWithCustomInterval(
timeout, interval int) *Config {
timeout = c.checkMinTimeout(timeout)
c.PresenceTimeout = timeout
c.HeartbeatInterval = interval
return c
var minTimeout = 20
// SetPresenceTimeout sets the presence timeout and automatically calulates the preferred timeout value.
// timeout: How long the server will consider the client alive for presence.
func (c *Config) SetPresenceTimeout(timeout int) *Config {
timeout = c.checkMinTimeout(timeout)
return c.SetPresenceTimeoutWithCustomInterval(timeout, (timeout/2)-1)
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