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Applied Touchups to PubNub Doc.

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@@ -23,9 +23,9 @@ You must reduce DOM/CSS parse time to < 1 second.
10. Other nodes which do no appear frequently
are also okay to use as selectors.
-Here are some examples.
+Follow these examples. Use only the GOOD CSS Selectors:
-### GOOD (fastest to slowest):
+### GOOD (Fastest to slowest):
- `#status-area {}`
- `#user-actions {}`
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ Here are some examples.
- `html body div em {}`
- `h1.lame {}`
-### Updated requirements regarding PubNub HTML5 requirements:
+### More Requirements for PubNub HTML5 Guide:
- 100% A-Grade Browser Compliant
- 100% Mobile Compliant.
@@ -80,18 +80,20 @@ Here are some examples.
Keeping in the spirits of a fully fluid page design,
all buttons and expandable assets must be able
to fit variable amounts of browser rendered text.
+Use `display:inline-block` CSS for Buttons.
- Example: `<div class="expandable-button">Real-time Button</div>`
- Example: `<ul class="main-navigation"> <li>Real-time Economy</li> </ul>`
- Example: `<a href="">PubNub</a>`
-## Use PEP-8 for coding conventions.
+## Use PEP-8 Coding Conventions
The important conventions are listed here:
- Code is read more frequently than it is written,
and therefore needs to be well built.
- **Use 4 spaces for indentation.**
+ - **NO TABS**
- Use Hyphens in CSS Class Names and Element Tags
- Example: `<div id="my-div" class="top-nav"></div>`
- Use Underscores in Form Element Names.

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