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updated README for Unity3D PubNub API by @DarkTable (The Dark Table).

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# Unity3D PubNub API
+C# Unity3d Plugin script for sending and receiving messages using the PubNub service. Includes example chat application.
+ [Chat in Unity3D using PubNub]( "Chat in Unity3D using PubNub").
+ [Unity3D PubNub]( "Unity3D PubNub").
+ [Unity3D PubNub Sample]( "Unity3D PubNub Sample").
# Unity3D PubNub API Snapshots
-![Unity3D PubNub API]( "")
-![Unity3D PubNub C# Example]( "Unity3D PubNub c# Example")
+![Unity3D PubNub API C#]( "Unity3D PubNub API C#")
+![Unity3D PubNub C# Example]( "Unity3D PubNub C# Example")
![Unity3D PubNub C# BitBucket Repository]( "Unity3D PubNub C# BitBucket Repository")
# Author
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+ [DarkTable GitHub]( "DarkTable GitHub").
+ [The Dark Table]( "The Dark Table").
+ [@DarkTable]( "@DarkTable").
++ [DarkTable - Forrst]( "DarkTable - Forrst").

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