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PubNub 3.3 Real-time Cloud Push API for Titanium

PubNub is a Massively Scalable Real-time Service for Web and Mobile Games. This is a cloud-based service for broadcasting Real-time messages to millions of web and mobile clients simultaneously.

API Usage Summary

API Usage summary follows. But checkout the real working examples in examples 3.3/mobile!

And be sure to checkout how easy it is to run the demo chat application with this quick video demo:



var pubnub = PUBNUB.init({
    publish_key       : 'demo',
    subscribe_key     : 'demo',
    ssl               : false,
    native_tcp_socket : false,
    origin            : ''

If you run into firewall issues on some iPhone deployments, try to set native_tcp_socket to true.

Subscribe and Presence

For a given channel, subscribe to the channel (subscribe), or subscribe to the channel's join/leave events (presence)

    channel  : "hello_world",
    callback : function(message) { Ti.API.log(message) }


Send messages to a channel.

    channel : "hello_world",
    message : "Hi."

Message History ( history() is deprecated, please migrate your apps to use detailedHistory instead. )

Get the message history for a channel.

        var paramobj = {};
        paramobj['channel'] = channel.value;
        paramobj['callback'] = function(message) {
            append_data( JSON.stringify(message));
        paramobj.error = function() {
            append_data("Lost connection ... ","#f00");
        if (start.value != "Start Timestamp" && start.value != "") 
            paramobj['start'] = start.value;
        if (end.value != "End Timestamp" && end.value != "") 
            paramobj['end'] = end.value;
        if (count.value != "Count" && count.value != "") 
            paramobj['count'] = count.value;
            paramobj['count'] = 100;


Get real time occupancy stats for a channel. Used complimentarily with Presence

            channel  : channel.value,
            connect  : function() {
                    append_data("Receiving Here Now data ...");
            callback : function(message) {
                    append_data( JSON.stringify(message) );
            error : function() {
                    append_data( "Lost Connection...", "#f00" );
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