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# ColdFusion Wrapper For PubNub API #

PubNub.cfc is a ColdFusion component that provides a simple wrapper to PubNub's simple RESTful API. It provides both synchronous and asynchronous ways to subscribe to a channel.

## PubNub.cfc Repository ##


## PubNub.cfc Interface ##

* init( ... )
* publish( channel, message )
* subscribe( channel [, timeToken] )
* subscribeAsync( channel, callback [, timeout] )
* history( channel [, limit] )
* time( [returnAsBigInt] )
* unsubscribe()

## Relevant Blog Entries ##

* http://www.bennadel.com/blog/2213-Sending-Client-To-Client-Realtime-Messages-With-The-PubNub-JavaScript-Library.htm
* http://www.bennadel.com/blog/2214-PubNub-cfc-A-ColdFusion-Wrapper-For-The-PubNub-Realtime-Messaging-Platform.htm