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Welcome to the PubNub Network

The PubNub Network makes Real-time Communications Simple with an easy API. Two Functions: Send/Receive (Publish/Subscribe). We provide a web-scale API for businesses to build scalable Data Push communication apps on Mobile, Tablet and Web. Bidirectional JSON. Ask for commit access - via Twitter: @PubNub - via IRC: #pubnub on FreeNode - via Email:

Getting Started

You are here because you need to send and receive data between devices in real-time without bothering with the complexities of managing a messaging service. You will typically start by selecting your target platforms first and then mixing/matching the APIs for your supported platform. For example you are building an iOS App for the iPhone using PubNub's Objective-C SDK plus PubNub's Ruby SDK running a Ruby on Rails application server. This would allow you to send messages from your Ruby application server directly to the iPhone in Real-time. You can also add in JavaScript and PHP into the mix while keeping the communication network totally cross-compatible with your ecosystem. JavaScript can speak to Objective-C and Ruby too.

PubNub Developer Console - PubNub Network Developer Console - The PubNub Network Developer's Console is an excellent tool while you build your application or integrate for the network into your ecosystem. The developer's console provides full Publish/Subscribe debugging as well as Storage/Playback and Presence capability. PubNub Network Developers Console

Mashape API Playground with PubNub - Note: Some APIs require you to have your own PubNub Account. However you may use the demo Pub/Sub keys for testing purposes. Learn the inner mechanics of the PubNub Network APIs with Mashape's REST interface console. Easily issue REST Requests on with pre-defined fields to help you structure your API calls in the correct format. Mashape PubNub Network Playground

PubNub Network Actively Upgraded SDKs

There are lots of options so start here if you want to find your target platform. The following list of languages and platforms are the PubNub Network Maintained SDKs. There are many languages and SDKs that exist that connect to PubNub Network today. However the PubNub Team has designated the following list as our officially supported SDKs:

JavaScript 3.4.3 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
iOS Obj-C 3.4 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Android 3.4 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Arduino 3.2 * X X X * X X X X X X X X X
Blackberry 3.4 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Flash 3.4 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X
J2ME 3.3 * X X X * X X X X X X X X X
C# Mono * X X X * X X X X X X X X
C 3.2 * X X * X X X X X X X
Lua Corona 3.X * ? ? * X X X X X X X
Java 3.X * ? ? * X X X X X X X
WebOS 3.X * ? ? * X X X X X X X
NodeJS 3.X * ? ? * X X X X X X X
Perl 3.X * ? ? * X X X X X X X
PhoneGap 3.X * ? ? * X X X X X X X
PHP 3.X * ? ? * X X X X X X X
Python 3.X * ? ? * X X X X X X X
Ruby (RoR) 3.X * ? ? * X X X X X X X X X X
Sliverlight 3.X * ? ? * X X X X X X X
Titanium 3.X * ? ? * X X X X X X X
Unity3D 3.X * ? ? * X X X X X X X
WinPhone7 3.X * ? ? * X X X X X X X
Symbol Descriptions
Symbol Meaning
X Automatically Included with Batteries
* Manually Available with Extra Steps
Key Descriptions
Index Name Description
(M) Multiplexing Automatically Manage Connections for Full Multiplexing Support.
(W) Windowing Message Windowing Support for Optimized Network Throughput. Significant Optional Network Efficiency Improvements for mobile and web.
(P) Persistent TCP Socket Socket Connections that stay open forever until manually closed.
(B) Upstream Cache Bursting Automatically Route to the next Upstream Data Center Faster than normal.
(U) UTF-8 Full UTF-8 Character Set and Symbol Support. ' ~`!@#$%^&*(顶顅Ȓ)+=[]\{}
(N) Pings Ping Interval Support with user supplied rate.
(S) Storage/Playback Ability to issue Replay and History calls.
(R) Presence Support for collecting and receiving Presence Data in real-time.
(A) AES256 Support for client-side symmetric cryptography which can travel cross-platform for unified cipher key Encryption/Decrption.
(V) Events Support connect, disconnect and reconnect events.
(X) Cross-Device Connect Ability to communicate with ALL PUBNUB SDKs.
(T) Timeout Client-side control of timeout before tearing down the TCP Socket connection and re-establishing a new session; only recommended to be used for high-frequency messaging apps.
(Q) Queue for Publishes Support for proper Queueing of Publishes for Async-SyncPublish.
(C) Asynchronous Interface Non-blocking interface for easy Pub/Sub requests.
(I) IP Change Detection Ability to detect IP Changes and Re-connect as needed.
(F) Offline Detection Ability to auto-detect network loss and auto-reconnect.
(H) Auto-Sync Here Automatically bridges the gap between join/leave events in presence from current state of connected users by aggregating user events.
(Y) Any Recovery Ability to recover from any Network Garbage or Other Error.
(G) Compression Gzip Compressions Support.
(L) SSL 2048Bit Full SSL Support.
(B) Hot Cache Backfill Support for loading Hot Cache off the Network Queue.

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