PubNub Transportation Solution
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PubNub Transportation Solution Examples

The PubNub Fleet Management Solution Examples provides the real-time building blocks to jump start the development of a transportation management application, including taxi, fleet management and delivery service apps. Built on the PubNub Real-Time Network, the solution kit components are supported on over 50+ SDKs and are globally-scaled, reliable and secure.


  • Location Tracking - Understand delivery or arrival to provide better customer experience.
  • Dispatch - Manage real-time messaging and response between vehicles and dispatch, regardless of network conditions.
  • Vehicle State - See a real-time view of your fleet status and availability. Detect when vehicles are available, booked, fully-loaded or other status
  • Geo Fencing * Trigger actions and alerts based on vehicle location and geographic boundaries (e.g., only vehicles within 5 miles get dispatch request)
  • Reliable connectivity - We take connectivity for granted but it isn't always a trivial matter. Moving vehicles often drop connections, switch between towers, go thru tunnels. High-value messages need to arrive, otherwise resulting in business loss.
  • Integration with Mobile Devices
  • Distance Traveled Reports