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Collaborative Community Publishing


The roadmap is intended to be a general overview of our plans. It will provide a high-level list of what we're thinking about, what we've prioritized, what we're currently working on, and what we've done. It is not intended to be an exhaustive or completely up-to-date list of features or projects. We use GitHub milestones in the main PubPub Repo to track specific sprints of work.

Bugs, Feature Requests, Help, and Feedback

If you have a specific bug to report, feel free to add a new issue to the PubPub Repo. Please search the issue list first to make sure your bug hasn't already been reported. If it has, add your feedback to the preexisting issue. For new bug reports, please fill out all the applicable parts of the bug report template before submitting.

If you have a feature request, idea, general feedback, or need help with PubPub, we'd love you to post a discussion on the PubPub Forum. As with bug reports, make sure to search the forum first to see if the community has already discussed your idea or solved your issue. If we have, feel free to join in on that ongoing discussion. Remember to be polite and courteous. All activity on this repository is governed by the Knowledge Futures Code of Conduct.


At the moment, PubPub isn't particularly well setup for outside contributors. However, we'd like to get to that point, and if there's a specific feature or idea from our roadmap or issue list that you're interested in working on, we'd like to hear from you. Please send a note to introducing yourself and describing how you'd like to contribute.

User-Facing Documentation

User-facing documentation is a work in progress, and can be found at If you're interested in helping contribute to documentation, we'd love to hear from you. Please send a note to introducing yourself and describing how you'd like to contribute.

To Install

npm install

To run locally on a Mac, use Homebrew to install a handful of dependencies:

brew install pandoc poppler

(See Aptfile for a list of equivalent Debian packages to install)

To Run Dev Mode

npm start

Navigate to localhost:9876


To build and test components, we use Storybook. To run:

npm run storybook

Navigate to localhost:9001

To Build and Run Production Version

npm run prod

Navigate to localhost:9876



The Latex Buildpack we are using allows a texlive.packages file in the root directory to specify additional packages to be installed. List of available packages (I think... documentation on packages is a bit tough to find). Can be useful for understanding what's in collections. Not sure why it's so hard to find official documentation on texlive packages available.

Code Practices

Containers vs Components

The client side code of PubPub does follow a Container/Component split as is common in React-based sites. The structure and difference between the two in this repo is not exactly as described in the preceeding article. For this repo, the following describes how containers and components are differentiated:


  • Associated with a specific URL route
  • One a single container is used on a given URL route
  • Calls hydrateWrapper() to initialize React bindings after using server-side renered HTML for immediate display.
  • Holds the ground truth data for a given view. Often the ground truth data is passed into containers as props through hydrateWrapper(), but in cases where the ground truth data is being changed, the container will hold ground truth data in it's state.


  • All other non-container components :)
  • Many components are used within a given URL route
  • Can store it's own state if needed for UX functionality - but should always update the ground truth data held in its parent container.
  • Can make it's own API requests when the functionality and layout of the pertaining request is contained within the single component. Though if this request influences the ground truth data, the component should be passed an updating function that allows it to update the ground truth data held in the container.


Before your first pull request, make sure to copy our .githooks into your .git directory. You can do this with:

npm run install-git-hooks

Preferred practice is to prefix commits with one of the following categories:

  • fix: for commits focused on specific bug fixes
  • feature: for commits that introduce a new feature
  • update: for commits that improve an existing feature
  • dev: for commits that focus solely on documentation, refactoring code, or developer experience updates

Supporting Services

Thank you to these groups for providing their tools for free to PubPub's open source mission.


Code of Conduct

Contributor Covenant