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Automatic Reference Structuring
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Citfix helps you get structured bibliographic reference in a easy way

Citfix is a cloud based bibliographic reference Parser/Structuring for the Publishers, Freelance editors, Services providers and the Authors. With its unique AI cloud based technology, Citfix can easily structure the bibliographic references, save time and cost for your editorial team. It assures 100% accuracy by verifying references with 750+ Million records as well as with PubMed and Crossref.

Structuring: Citfix can easily structure the references to XML, RIS and JAT XML formats.

Link: Automate linking to PubMed IDs and Crossref DOI's.

Track: Track changes on your references

Style: Submit any standard styles- AMA, NLM etc.

Save time: Automate tedious task such as linking and structuring

Accuracy: Citfix verifies 750+ million records, along with PubMed and Crossref

Citfix Webservices

The Citfix Premium Webservices are running on faster servers with more RAM and less load to guarantee fast and reliable response time. The commercial web services have higher uptime and failover to other servers in case of hardware defects or software bugs. By entering in a commercial relation with you can be sure the services don't disappear one day without notice.

The Citfix Paid Web Services are the right choice for you if you need fast, reliable response time and you want to be sure the service keeps on running. If you want to implement your own services directly on the data the Premium Subscription will be your choice.



The Citfix REST API is one of a variety of tools and APIs that allow the user to structure the reference in a sophisticated ways.

Supported format tags

Tag Name Description
<b> Bold
<i> Italic
<u> Underline
<sc> SMALL
<skp> SKIP
<sup> Superscript
<sub> Subscript

Short tag description

Tag Name Description
ukn Unknown
del delimiter
deland Author/Editor delimiter 'and &'
snm Author/Editor Surname
gnm Author/Editor Given name
eds Author/Editor EDS
etal Author/Editor delimiter etal
suffix Author/Editor suffix
aug Author(s) group
edg Editor(s) group
ctl Chapter title
ano Article Number
atl Article title
btl Book title
jtl Journal title
src Source
vol Volume
iss Issue
pgg Page Group
spg Start page
epg End page
pub Publisher
loc Location Group
cty City
st State
cnt Country
col Collab
list OL/UL Label
mth Publish/Access/Create/Retrieved Month
day Publish/Access/Create/Retrieved Day
yr Publish/Access/Create/Retrieved Year
url URL
ssn Season
misc Misc
edn Edition
isbn ISBN
doi DOI
supp Suppliment


Description Remarks
Client request limit Maximum number of references per request is limited to 500

Check Usage :Replace your webkey

Integrate Citfix into your production workflow with API

If you’re looking to integrate bibliographic reference processing into a larger automated workflow, you can access all of Citfix’s capabilities programmatically using the Citfix REST API.

Reporting performance/availability, bugs, requesting features

Please report bugs with the API or the new feature please contact


Citfix API is available under the MIT license.

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