A PubSubHubbub publisher example for Google AppEngine.
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This is a Google AppEngine application that publishes an Atom feed and pings a PubSubHubbub hub whenever an item is added to it.

In order to deploy this application, create a new application on AppEngine and deploy like this:

$ appcfg.py update . -A s~your-app-id
08:01 PM Application: s~your-app-id (was: auto); version: auto
08:01 PM Host: appengine.google.com
08:01 PM
Starting update of app: s~your-app-id, version: auto
08:01 PM Getting current resource limits.
08:01 PM Scanning files on local disk.
08:01 PM Cloning 4 application files.
08:01 PM Uploading 1 files and blobs.
08:01 PM Uploaded 1 files and blobs.
08:01 PM Compilation starting.
08:02 PM Compilation completed.
08:02 PM Starting deployment.
08:02 PM Checking if deployment succeeded.
08:02 PM Deployment successful.
08:02 PM Checking if updated app version is serving.
08:02 PM Completed update of app: s~your-app-id, version: auto

It will serve