A PubSubHubbub subscriber example for Google AppEngine.
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This is a Google AppEngine application that handles the subscription side of the PubSubHubbub protocol.

In order to deploy this application, create a new application on AppEngine and deploy like this:

$ appcfg.py update . -A s~your-app-id
08:01 PM Application: s~your-app-id (was: auto); version: auto
08:01 PM Host: appengine.google.com
08:01 PM
Starting update of app: s~your-app-id, version: auto
08:01 PM Getting current resource limits.
08:01 PM Scanning files on local disk.
08:01 PM Cloning 4 application files.
08:01 PM Uploading 1 files and blobs.
08:01 PM Uploaded 1 files and blobs.
08:01 PM Compilation starting.
08:02 PM Compilation completed.
08:02 PM Starting deployment.
08:02 PM Checking if deployment succeeded.
08:02 PM Deployment successful.
08:02 PM Checking if updated app version is serving.
08:02 PM Completed update of app: s~your-app-id, version: auto

It will serve

E.g. to subscribe to a feed at http://www.example.com/feed with this instance, you can send a subscription request like this:

curl http://pubsubhubbub.appspot.com/ -d 'hub.topic=http://www.example.com/feed&hub.callback=http://your-app-id.appspot.com/subscriber/random&hub.mode=subscribe'

At the Google hub, you can also use the web interface to subscribe.

When you subsequently ping the hub about the specified topic and reload the browser interface you should see the changed entries displayed.