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puddletag is an audio tag editor (primarily created) for GNU/Linux similar to the Windows program, Mp3tag. Unlike most taggers for GNU/Linux, it uses a spreadsheet-like layout so that all the tags you want to edit by hand are visible and easily editable.

The usual tag editor features are supported like extracting tag information from filenames, renaming files based on their tags by using patterns and basic tag editing.

Then there’re Functions, which can do things like replace text, trim it, do case conversions, etc. Actions can automate repetitive tasks. Doing web lookups using Amazon (including cover art), Discogs (does cover art too!), FreeDB and MusicBrainz is also supported. There’s quite a bit more, but I’ve reached my comma quota.

Supported formats: ID3v1, ID3v2 (mp3), MP4 (mp4, m4a, etc.), VorbisComments (ogg, flac), Musepack (mpc), Monkey’s Audio (.ape) and WavPack (wv).


puddletag uses several third-party modules to performs its tasks:


Here below is a list of the distributions and platforms where puddletag is available, and how to install it:


apt install puddletag

Contact: @sandrotosi

  1. overlay:
  2. add overlay: sudo layman -a stuff
  3. install: sudo emerge -av puddletag

Contact: @DolphinStKom

Arch Linux

puddletag is currently part of the AUR:

git clone
cd puddletag
makepkg -si

Available since Fedora 32.

dnf install puddletag


support needed, open an issue if interested in working on it

Source code First, you need to install the dependencies; this step is different depending on the distribution; on Debian you can run:

apt install python3 python3-mutagen python3-configobj python3-pyparsing python3-pyqt5 python3-pyqt5.qtsvg


git clone
cd puddletag

Alternatively you can use a virtual environment, which only requires python and pip to be installed:

git clone ''
cd 'puddletag'
python3 -m 'venv' '.'
bin/pip3 install -r 'requirements.txt'
bin/python3 'puddletag'


puddletag is licensed under the GPLv3, which you can find in its entirety at